“Do You” by Spoon

Everyday Tuneage Best Albums of 2014
No. 12 – They Want My Soul by Spoon

At this point, Spoon has made a career of releasing an impressive set of very good albums at a bare minimum, at best, they are masters of their often minimalist approach to music. Here on They Want My Soul, much of the ragged nature from 2010’s Transference remains, infused with the headier sound from A Thing Called Divine Fits, the debut from Britt Daniel’s side project Divine Fits. The result is an album that has more of an edge than what you might expect from Spoon (“Knock Knock Knock”, “Rent I Pay”), but still have a number of great bittersweet tunes in “Inside Out” and the featured “Do You”. It’s hard to believe but to this point, Spoon has been together for over 20 years and while their sound has matured, they still sound as relevant as anything else in the supposed “indie” music scene today.

Also listen to: “Inside Out”, “Rent I Pay”, “They Want My Soul”, “The Way We Get By”, “The Underdog”, “Sister Jack”, “Everything Hits At Once”

Listen to more Spoon – It’ll Do Your Body Good


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