“Ain’t It Funny” by Danny Brown


Danny Brown has spoken at length about his struggles with the perception of his persona, a drug-addled, larger-than-life party animal indulging in frequent benders and promiscuity, and the truth of who Brown is as a person. Yes, he wants everyone to have a good time, but at the same time, Brown’s music has always had a darker quality where he clearly isn’t making light of the lifestyle but instead investigating the psychological effects and destructive qualities of such actions.

This theme was put to the forefront of Atrocity Exhibition, one of the best albums last year and easily the highlight of Brown’s promising career so far. The hilarious one-liners are still present, but it’s clear that Brown is hell-bent on showing the devastating effects of the 24/7 party lifestyle, as evidenced in this music video. Directed by Jonah Hill, Brown and Hill smartly use the 80’s sitcom as a backdrop to the unsuccessful pleas for help from Brown to the audience. Much like Brown’s music, it’s a biting critique that will certainly have people talking.


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