Friday Five: Arcade Fire, Spoon, Joey Bada$$, Foxygen, Dirty Projectors

“I Give You Power” (feat. Mavis Staples) by Arcade Fire

Even if it ends up being a one-off single, “I Give You Power” is an inspired track, with all proceeds of the single being donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. Clearly a politically charged anthem, the song might be straightforward but powerful.

“Hot Thoughts” by Spoon

A powerful, hook-laden track, Spoon’s latest single might be their best since 2007’s “The Underdog.” Similar to their earlier work, “Hot Thoughts” has a bit less polish and more of a groove, including some very impressive guitar work. Hot Thoughts, the album, will be released on March 17 via Matador.


“Land of the Free” by Joey Bada$$

For a song to carry such hefty political weight lyrically, “Land of the Free” is the smoothest track Joey Bada$$ has released from a production standpoint. Still, it perfectly highlights the outstanding lyricism of Joey Bada$$, especially on the second half of the track. AABA will be released sometime later this year.


“Mrs. Adams” by Foxygen

Everyday Tuneage highlighted the single “Follow the Leader” last year, and it looks as though Foxygen did indeed embrace going big for their new album Hang, out today. Backed by a 40-piece symphony orchestra in addition to a handful of guest features, Foxygen, unsurprisingly, does really well with such a rich backdrop.


“Up in Hudson” by Dirty Projectors

Following their 2012 release, Swing Lo Magellan, Dirty Projectors sound as pristine as ever if “Up in Hudson” is any indication. It’s definitely more abstract than their most recent work, this single clocks in at over 7 minutes, but still accessible as ever. Look for their self-titled album on February 24 via Domino.


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