“Breaker” by Deerhunter

After the flashy and funky first single, “Snakeskin,” Deerhunter has returned with another new video which appears to have the fingerprints of Lockett Pundt all over it. For the first time I can remember, both Pundt and Bradford Cox share lead vocals on this exceptionally lush and dreamy track that serves as a nice counterbalance to the aforementioned “Snakeskin.” It’s definitely a much cleaner take on the classic Deerhunter sound, but after these first two songs as initial impressions, Deerhunter’s Fading Frontier should be quite the album.

Also listen to: “Nothing Ever Happened”, “Strange Lights”, “Agoraphobia”, “Coronado”, “The Missing” 

Listen to more Deerhunter – It’ll Do Your Body Good


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