“Grown Up” by Danny Brown

In case you missed it, Bonnaroo announced its 2015 lineup last night through an oddly-conceived system where fans can dial a number, get an artist and then tweet about it. While that in itself led to a lot of misdirection, it turns out to be true that Billy Joel will in fact be a headliner along with Mumford and Sons and Deadmau5. If nothing else, there seems to be a pattern of “let’s give the parents something to do while their kids are off listening to [insert band here],” but frankly, even for a historically eclectic festival like Bonnaroo, Billy Joel seems to be a stretch.

That being said, one of the funnier promotional videos came courtesy of comedian Hannibal Buress and Danny Brown riding in a golf cart of all things. You can view the video here (NSFW language) and while it isn’t surprising that putting the two of them together results in some interesting antics, it’s an absolutely hilarious eight and a half minute clip and further proves that Danny Brown is one of the most eclectic and sharp artists around. So in honor of his madness, here’s the single “Grown Up” that was released just a couple of years ago.

Also listen to: “Dip”, “25 Bucks” (feat. Purity Ring), “Monopoly”, “I Will”

Listen to more Danny Brown – It’ll Do Your Body Good


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