“Lonely Press Play” by Damon Albarn

Everyday Tuneage Best Albums of 2014
No. 19 – Everyday Robots by Damon Albarn

While his name will always be synonymous with Blur, Albarn has made quite the career for himself outside of those famed roots. Best known for his works in other groups (Gorillaz, The Good the Bad & The Queen), Everyday Robots is a much different animal from those group efforts, essentially stripping down all of the traditional pop elements that tended to hide what lies beneath and creating instead a very insular albeit beautiful album. While there is a rare glimpse of levity in “Mr. Tembo”, Everyday Robots is a deeply pensive album, but never to the point that it wallows in its own melancholy.

Also listen to: “The Selfish Giant”, “Mr. Tembo”, “Hostiles”, “Everyday Robots”

Listen to more Damon Albarn – It’ll Do Your Body Good


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